Meet Our Staff

Church Administrator: Lynsey O’Brien

Church Organist: Gage Hansen

Call me just “Gage” please – when your poor Southern parents have little else to endow you with you get a lot of names…Gage-David Robert E Lee Hansen.
I now live with two, four month-old Irish Setters who I literally run with daily.  I obtained BA in Art & Architectural History & Criticism and BS in Health Information Management. Architecture got me going to church as soon as I had a driver’s license. The music kept me coming. Episcopalians have the better quality music, so I steered that direction early on.  I am a Director of HIM and Privacy at North Shore Medical Center with Partners Healthcare.  I was a pianist who got ‘drafted’ as an organist thirty years ago and began to prefer organ. I relocated from Arkansas to Boston, specifically to study organ here, because historic organ performance practice is in its purest and most advanced form here. I very accidentally studied with some of the very best – approaching Boston organists to teach me who were international recitalists and recording artists and I didn’t know it! Who says Ignorance and Southern charm cannot prevail? St James has an excellent, American Romantic Era, historic tracker (i.e. mechanical action) that will help me develop a supportive music program here and also continue my studies in historic performance. But as I’m ageing I’m also leaning towards jazz improvisation lately. Too much Bach finally challenges even me as a listener, and I am encouraged that St James obviously supports diverse, quality music!  I will enjoy making music with all of you!

Coordinator of Children’s Ministries and Experiences: Starr Anderson

Starr has been a member of St. James for more than 30 years and is currently the director of the church school as well as a member of the choir. Starr lives in Georgetown with her husband John and their sweet border collie Pearl.

Sexton: Dianne Lawrence

Dianne lives in North Andover, also serves as Sexton (and parishioner!) at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in North Andover. She loves her grandchildren and her cats! You may see her around on the weekdays and occasional weekends!