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Welcome Saint James Episcopal Church!

St. James Episcopal Church prides itself on being a smaller, friendly, community-oriented spiritual haven for all who seek God and the knowledge of God’s love throughout all points in their lives. We are not all alike—in religious background, politics, spirituality or demographic! However, we come together to worship the God, who in the person of Jesus Christ, demonstrated how love breaks down divisions and binds seekers of that love together.

St. James was known as a pilgrim—one who valued the journey over the destination. We are a community of pilgrims, experiencing all the highs, lows, and in between points of life and faith. We commit to serving others in the name of Christ, partaking in the Eucharist together and discerning the presence of the Spirit and where she is taking us!

Join us for a service on Sunday, or over several Sundays to see the breadth of who we are and what we believe. We know that we cannot be everything to everyone! But we welcome those who pop in during their own journey and those who come and walk awhile with us.  Blessings to you and your journey, wherever it may lead you.

St James invites you to join our Sunday Service.

We are happy to announce that Saint James offers both in person and online worship every Sunday at 9:30. 

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Saint James welcomes Lisa Faber Ginggen
The parish of Saint James is incredibly excited and grateful to have welcomed our new rector, Lisa, earlier this month.  While we are late in sharing this incredible news, we are blessed to have Lisa in our midst.  She has been with us for just under a month now and is already making her mark with us.  We all look forward to our journey together.
Here is some information about Lisa in her own words:

I am incredibly excited to join you as your new Rector! In my interactions with members of the vestry, I’ve already had a glimpse of the loving, supportive, and kind community that is St. James. I very much look forward to meeting and getting to know each and every one of you.

When I asked my husband and my son how they would describe me, they both immediately responded with “sociable”. It is true that talking with, listening to, and building relationships with people are some of things that I love the most. I love people. And I love God. The talking to, listening to and building relationship also applies to God.

I bring energy to whatever I am participating in and share it. I tend to have a positive outlook on life. I am curious in general about a wide range of topics. I enjoy learning new things and learning more about the people in my community.

I have degrees in engineering and have worked both as an engineer and as a marketer in the medical device industry for over twenty years. God’s call to me for ordained ministry has been present since I was in college. I have discovered that the Holy Spirit is persistent, even over decades! I am grateful for the learning and skills that I have acquired along the journey that has led me to the doorstep of St. James, Groveland. I have faith that as we follow Jesus together, we will grow together. I know that you will have much to teach me. I look forward to it.