WELCOME!  In this section you will find the following forms:

Welcome Card – If you have visited St. James, or you are just looking to speak to our Rector, Reverend Kit, please feel free to contact us directly, or complete the “Welcome Form” and send a hard copy through the USPS to the church, or email a scanned copy to us directly.  Welcome Card

Reimbursement Form – If you have made a purchase for our church, Sunday School, property, Mitch’s Place, or for the office, and you would like to be reimbursed for expenses, you may submit a reimbursement form to the church office for processing.  Purchases must be pre-approved by a committee chair before payment can be made.  Please include all receipts associated with your purchase(s) and attach them to your reimbursement form.  (Reimbursement forms without the appropriate receipts cannot be processed.  Sorry.)  Reimbursement Form – Blank (Master)

Sunday School Registration Forms – If you would like to register your child or children for this coming Sunday School year, please download the following two registration forms.  You can email scanned copies to the church office, or bring them with you on the first day of Sunday School.

If you have any questions with regard to the forms attached, please email the church office.  We are happy to help.

St. James Church Office email: